Q2 deadline push. Our crypto stance

No Forced Web3/crypto required here

A quick update to say that we probably won't open till end of Q2 and delays on both fundraising and entity setup may delay another 5-8 weeks. We also will prefer not to back crypto/web3 gaming unless it is the developer's own choice and excitement to do so and it's clear to everyone that the game will come first instead of everything else crypto.

Part of the delay is a result in trying to accomodate and entertain crypto investors who ultimately like the majority of them, still do not care about gaming without the crypto component. Since Q4 last year, our whole industry is feeling pretty exploited having endured a complete lack of respect, understanding of the craft and sheer insulting ludicrousness of what cryptobros and crypto-hype is promising and raising on. Especially for anyone who actually has experience and understanding of what they are proporting to build while often failing to even start properly. The crypto industry's own hype cycle has collapsed faster (Axie says Play-to-Earn is unsustainable!) in less time than it takes us usually to even push out a vertical slice. That might be a good thing :)  There is a caveat there, it's important to separate out metaverses as GI.biz recommends  from the NFT garbage as an actually achieved Star Trek holodeck at that level of fidelity would still be pretty cool but gamers have long known that we have plenty of "metaverses" already and neither crypto or NFT's are really needed for any of it.

Fundraising and dealing with investors and potential venture partners has been both good and bad and we're long overdue to update on things like advisors being added to team and the page will be furtherupdated in the coming weeks.